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Full Disclosure

Well, hello. I’m a copywriter, ghostwriter, and book author.

Let’s cut to the chase. I arrange interesting words to craft stories that make people do crazy, insane things like clicking on a “Shop Now” button or reading an email until the end, where there is another little button that makes a digital campaign highly successful. It’s also nice when people read my chapters, one after the other.

I love words. I love storytelling. I love it when my words generate remarkable actions and evoke emotions that make people cry or laugh, and I love it when they don’t understand why they are feeling the way they feel.

I’ve worked with some cool teams like Acolad, Handspring, Textmaster, McGraw Hill, Kayak, and adidas (there are others, but let’s not brag). Oh, and I’ve written copy for every industry except gas and oil (there, I said it).

I love storyboarding, sketching, and taking long walks—whatever it takes to get that next big idea.

My super power is writing. What can I craft for you? Let’s talk. 941-362-9627.



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