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How To Increase Your E-mail Open Rate Instantly with Only a Few Changes.



The average e-mail open rate in the Health and Wellness industry is 21.48%. What if I told you it could be 30%?

30%. No big deal.  It's only an 8.52% difference.

It is a BIG DEAL!

It's true. And this is just one of the ways really strategic copy works. How is it done? Create an irresistible subject line and enticing copy that ends with one result: the customer buying your products.

Let's look at another example, and it's one you might not have thought of.

Have you ever tried to sell an item on eBay (or another platform) and it just won't sell?

I just wrote a listing for a client for a tablet. She really needed to sell it, and her previous listings were not working.

It sold in two hours for more than she paid for it.


In another eBay example, and this one is more of an A/B test, where you compare a headline or ad with two different examples to see which one gets the most clicks, a medical device sold quickly.


I noticed the same device listed for far less than what I listed mine for. I wrote copy and compared my views and offers with the other device.










As you can see, within hours mine had hundreds of views. Why? Here is some of that copy (and notice how I utilize the title to give an action/benefit).




This device sold in days for ABOVE what the other company listed it for (and his is still for sale).


Why? Great, smart copy. Do I occasionally misfire? Of course! But I always make up for it.

Are you interested in dramatically and swiftly increasing your revenue?

I thought so.

Stay with me for a bit.

Two things I need to know are your product and your market. Part of this is knowing you and your competition. I need to understand how you think about your business. This is where research comes in.

And that research includes pricing and how you sell your products or services. Most companies can get an increase of 5-10% in direct response simply by restructuring the pricing layout. Then, over a period of approximately 90 days, there are significant increases in revenue.


And direct response can be short-form (a landing page) or long-form, and this can be an advertorial or letter. Long-form tends to be more effective, but it's also more expensive.

One of my duties in direct response copy is the layout of a company's pricing. The long-form copy usually justifies a higher price for a high-caliber product or service. That is, you make more money.

One of the tasks I'll perform is to take a full look at all your products and services and examine how you have priced them, plus how the pricing can be restructured to boost revenue. I also look closely at your selling strategies and how products are sold. We can discuss this further when we talk.

What about my fees? With ROI I get for you, my fees will more than be covered. No, I don't have a list because each project is different. That's why we need to talk first.

What I will tell you is I believe in integrity and fairness. My ethics are always to treat my clients exactly as I want to be treated.

With fairness. Okay, that's enough or the violins will start.


How Does it Help You?


My goal is to maximize your revenue. With long-form direct response copy, you can expect a substantial increase in revenue in the next 90 days. I also help you:


  • Increase traffic and click-throughs with strategic SEO optimization


  • Organize your pricing


  • Discover possible product revenue leaks


  • An analysis of your copy and how to strengthen it


  • Understand what your competitors are doing

  • Entice customers to make an active choice (buy your products with Call to Action)

Call me for a consult where we will discuss how this all works. It lasts about 30-minutes. Or, you can start with my chat form and I'll call you.

I want to maximize revenue for YOU, my client.

I almost forgot. I test like crazy so I can find some secrets. Why did a customer pick landing page A over B? There are always many interesting surprises! I test to find the best solution to maximize your revenue.

Ready to make more money? Call me now!

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