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Vintage Typewriter




"Tim is a master of his craft. When I sent the first draft of a proposal for a creative project Tim completely transformed it. And, our company was chosen to lead the coordination of the project!"


K. B., Business Development Consultant

"Tim's copy strategy sent our site analytics ablaze.
He always meets our deadlines for a project. We highly recommend him."

​DownEast School of Massage, LTD

"We were hoping for an email open rate of 20%. Tim got us 30%!"

Peter Santos, Le Wedding Planners

"Tim's wit is a cross between John Kennedy Toole and Hunter S. Thompson. I don't think he knows."

Amazon Review

“Tim is very knowledgeable, organized, proactive, and a talented writer. We are excited to see how his expertise plays into the success of this new initiative.”

Victoria Hasselbring, All Faiths Food Bank

“Tim is very easy to work with, efficient and very clear in setting expectations. His writing is tight and well researched. I highly recommend Timothy Agnew.”

Michael Duranko, Local Coffee + Tea

"Tim's pieces always perform so well, and his SEO is always insanely good . Just very appreciative!"

Kathleen Fowlds, Editor, Curiosity Shots



"I hired Tim to write my book on special needs parents and  it's beautifully written. As difficult as it is to read, he took my story and made poetry out of it."

Heather Stone, Invisible Parents: A Book of Hope

"We love Timothy's ideas and word choices. He's always spot on!"



Citizen Shipper
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