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Timothy Agnew

The health and wellness industry is now a $4.2 trillion
marketplace. And I know you want some of that.

Because great copy matters. Let me prove it to you.

something that is intended; purpose; design;

the state of a person's mind

A company Tim wrote copy for.

Hello.  My name is Timothy Agnew, and I write intent copy for the health and wellness marketplace (and any business that needs my skills). I help clients with direct response conversion strategies by writing some clever stories (also known as copy). I design plans to help companies generate some of that 4.2 trillion number I mentioned.

Why do I say I write "intent" copy? Because copy is about an intent. The copy must have a purpose (to maximize your revenue), and mine always has intent.

I write for billion-dollar clients and they keep hiring me.

When I'm not writing copy, I'm studying it to learn how to always be better.

If you're desperate for results and want to see your revenue multiply, you're in the right place.  It doesn't matter if your company is large or just starting out, I can help. What really matters? My passion for your success.

Look around my site, and you'll find:

  • proof that I make my clients money writing copy

  • samples of my work

  • my passion for writing and learning about my craft

  • interesting blog entries

  • how I work

  • tons of resources

Why hire me?

I've been in healthcare for over twenty-five years. I co-wrote a higher education textbook, was a sports medicine clinic director, and was a global seminar presenter. I've created self-help digital media, written medical articles for national magazines, and built a healthcare business from scratch. I have relationships with doctors, hospitals, supplement companies, and fitness establishments.

I'm also an active member of this market, with over thirty years of study, practice, and teaching in the martial and movement arts. (I helped the Pittsburgh Ballet move better.)

I understand this market. And I've listened to them over the years.

My knowledge also includes supplements, weight loss, pharmacology (I'm certified as a Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) under the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives), fitness, kinesiology, medical equipment, and everything in between.

I know how this market churns, and I know what people want.

(They want everlasting health and beauty for starters. Don't we all?)

And I know how to generate revenue for your company by writing effective copy.

This industry grew at 12.8% between 2015 and 2017 and represents 5.3% of global economic output.

Be part of this growth. Let me help you get in on some of those numbers.  
So the Health and Wellness industry covers a wide spectrum.  Yoga, healthy eating, meditation. The list goes on and the revenue potential is vast.

But you already know this because you're smart and in the industry. Just like me.

So really, why me?

I use my extensive background in healthcare to write copy that will send your sales skyrocketing because I understand how the industry works.

I don't just write great copy. To me, it's not just words, but thorough research on you, your products and company, and exactly what it is you want to achieve. I look at your customers. I look at your competition.













Why do my clients keep hiring me? I consistently improve their conversions by providing incredible, smart copy. Just ask them. If you are hungry for copy that converts your traffic to sales, let's chat. How about an e-mail open rate of 30%? (That's 10% above industry averages, and I will do that for you).

Ready? Let's get started! Let me help you generate more revenue, just like I have for many other companies. Call now so we can chat: 941-362-9627, or e-mail me:

You can also click here to fill out this form to let me know where you are now, and what you are hoping to achieve. Then, let's chat more about you via phone or Zoom. I want to learn about you and your business. And, I'll explain how I work with you to achieve greatness.

Sound good?

Call now to schedule a free consult with me. I'd love to talk to you.

“Tim is a master of his craft. ”

When I sent the first draft of a proposal for a creative project, Tim completely transformed it. And, our company was chosen to lead the coordination of the project!

K. B., Business Development Consultant 


How I  Approach my Craft

My objective is to help you sell your products and services.  I want to see your success! To me, each project I accept is an equation to solve. I do this by:

Research. I want to know everything about you, your company, your competition, and your goals.

Strategize. Outline the plan for conversion (by making people buy your stuff). This often involves testing to see what works best.

Write awesome copy. Copy is not just words, but thoroughly researched and strategically placed to make your customers act on buying decisions.

Ready to start? Let's chat. Fill out this form so I can learn more about you!

Got a story to tell? Let me help as a ghostwriter for your project!

Beautiful Young Woman

"Tim's copy strategy sent our site analytics ablaze.

He always meets our deadlines for a project. We highly recommend him."

DownEast School of Massage, LTD

“Better leads, 30% e-mail open rate.”

Hedge Anderson, SiteGot

Smiling Woman

“Tim is very knowledgeable, organized, proactive, and a talented writer. We are excited to see how his expertise plays into the success of this new initiative.”

Victoria Hasselbring, All Faiths Food bank

Brewing Tea

“Tim is very easy to work with, efficient and very clear in setting expectations. His writing is tight and well researched. I highly recommend Timothy Agnew.”

Michael Duranko, Local Coffee + Tea

Get Great Copy



Ready to increase your revenue? Let's talk!

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