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5 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter (and What They Should Never Say to You)

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I am a word-human. Always have been. I love the texture of words, how they persuade, conjure, and seduce. Words are powerful, yet copy is an art form. If you lack the skills, how should you find a copywriter and why? Let's take a look at 5 reasons to hire a copywriter.

Writing good copy (or even writing a solid college essay), does not come easy for everyone. In fact, there is a deficit in college students writing even mediocre essays. Why? Mostly because they were not taught in high school. Instead, the focus was on test-taking and perhaps reading and science, not how to develop solid writing skills. I was lucky enough to have an English teacher who pushed me into writing at an early age, and it's a skill that has more than rewarded me. Yet copy is not about words. It's about persuading the reader to take an action, and this is done by careful research and strategic copy. If you lack the skills to write and don't understand the art of copy, it's time to hire a copywriter.

Where to Look for a Copywriter (and What They Should Never Say)

Okay, you need a copywriter, but where do you look? There are plenty of job boards out there (Upwork, Fiverr) that have hoards of "copywriters," but you have to carefully consider what they charge. Upwork is full of copywriters offering really cheap prices. For example, $5 for a blog post will probably get you, well, $5 blog copy. The general rule is if it's that cheap, run away. A copywriter should never say "I'm the cheapest out there." Good copywriters are worth the higher price, and there is a reason they have higher prices. They most likely have tons of experience, and they write stellar copy. Instead, LinkedIn is a better choice. You can view profiles and get links to portfolios to view work. Look carefully at a few good pieces. You'll be able to tell if they are badasses or lackeys.

You can also "audition" them. Give her an idea of what you're looking to achieve, and see what kind of genius she comes up with (or not). I do this frequently by offering free copy to new clients, just so they can see I got the mojo. A good copywriter will always justify the cost, and they will prove their worth.

It's common to hear a copywriter say, "I can write anything." This is a really broad statement, as copywriting is an art, and it takes diligence to specialize in even a few areas. So have second thoughts if you hear this, or have him clarify what he means with proof.

Always ask to see samples of work. If he says, "I don't have samples because my sites down," or keeps making excuses, move on. You need proof.

A good copywriter will always ask what the copy is for, and why you need it! This is another red flag when hiring one. If they don't interview you, run away!

Here are 5 reasons to hire a copywriter:

1. The Power of Persuasion Through Copy

Copy persuades the customer to do something, for example, buy your products. Hiring a copywriter can maximize your profits, your open e-mail percentage, or write good SEO to get your site ranked better on Google. A good copywriter will do A/B testing (in direct response, where the objective is a call to action) to see what copy has the best results. This is all done through careful research on products, behaviors, and even emotions. As I said earlier, it's not just words. It's really intellectual stuff!

2. Get Awesome Blog Posts

A good copywriter understands how to write really effective blog posts for your site. This includes powerful headlines and copy that keep the reader reading until the call to action. The goal with the copy is enticing the reader to want to go to the next paragraph, not stop and scroll down. The copy should pull the reader in like a good novel.

3. UX and Content Creation

UX (User Experience) copy (also called microcopy), are simple but concise words that give a user information, or tell a user what to do (like click a button). The copy guides users through an interface to get to an end action. This copy can be powerful on landing pages but must be strategically placed. Content is anything (pictures, text, memes) that also engage the user to stay on your page (Instagram, Facebook), or offers a call to action to do something. Yep, it's all still copywriting.

4. Get Organized

A copywriter will help your company get organized through research on products and the entire gamut of what your company does. A good copywriter will analyze sales, competition, and pricing, and even your habits, and strategize how to maximize growth through great copy. The results are the proof: more sales, more open e-mails, more bling.

5. Web Copy Optimization

Many times, website copy needs tweaking, as most web designers are not copywriters, but designers. Small tweaks like headings and UX copy make a big difference in flow, and call to action. Also, SEO placements, like keywords and metadata, can help rank your site higher in Google searches. Web designers often need copy to fill their pages, too, so they can finish a project sooner and get on to the next one.

There are many more reasons to hire a copywriter, but these top 5 offer a glimpse into how powerful copy can be when executed with skill and strategy. And hopefully you understand a little more about what to ask when searching for a damn good copywriter. Questions? Get a free consult with me. Let's talk about how to get those results you want!


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